BBC owes Chinese people sincere apology: Foreign Ministry spokesperson


BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) — A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has no sense of right and wrong, and follows no principles, adding the media agency owes Chinese people “a sincere apology.”

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian made the remarks when asked to comment on a recently released investigation report by retired judge John Dyson. It says a former BBC journalist had obtained by “deceitful” methods an interview with Princess Diana. However, BBC failed to uphold a high standard of credibility and transparency and exerted pressure on the “whistleblower” to cover up the truth.

In response, Zhao said that many people believe BBC’s reporting about geopolitics and ideologies can only be more ugly and hypocritical, given what it has done pertaining to interviews with members of the royal family.

He said that in fact, this media agency, which boasts of “independence” and “credibility,” is still involved in the trick of lying and cheating, and even more blatantly at that. As is known to all, BBC has fabricated and broadcast huge amounts of disinformation on China-related issues, including those about Xinjiang, Zhao added.

Just like the Diana story, BBC, instead of reminding or criticizing its journalists about violations of work ethics, has helped to cover it up, Zhao said, adding BBC has no sense of right and wrong, and follows no principles.

“BBC owes the Chinese people a sincere apology,” said the spokesperson.

Noting that an additional eight million pounds have been appropriated by UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for the so-called “response to disinformation” by BBC international channel, Zhao said China hopes the fund can be specially dedicated to purging lies and disinformation by the BBC. Enditem